Branches :: Zahabco Supermarkets, Restaurants, and Commercial Marketing

The Zahabco Branch for Supermarkets & Restaurants operates a chain of supermarkets, restaurants, and cafeterias through the successful incorporation of high technology, top-quality equipment, and an exceptionally well-qualified staff. It increased to have 12 branches in Riyadh and still increasing to cover main cities of the kingdom by a careful and well-studied plan.

The Branch also serves as a wholesale supplier of different kinds of frozen and chilled meats, as well as all kinds of foodstuffs for commercial, public, and private entities. One of the first branches of the Al Dhahry Group established thisbranch has demonstrated growth annually since its founding.The Zahabco Branch for Supermarkets & Restaurants has a well-earned reputation for its focus on absolute hygiene safety in all of its food commodities and provisioning activities or cooked whether supplying any of its wide selection of fresh, or cooked foods. The total sales of this branch exceeded150.000.000 $ since it’s established till 2009.We attached copy of some pictures of the supermarkets and restaurants.