Branches :: General Military Supplies Branch

One of the important projects and working in commercial agencies for military & security types of equipment, this branch is also concerned with supply and install all military requirements starting from clothing and military uniforms up to equipment and special devices and supplies in criminals, biological …etc. in addition to military spare parts, supply and install security equipments and maintenance and training.

This Branch supplies all types of uniforms, clothing, and accessories for military, medical, and sports requirements.General Military Supplies Branch serves as the Saudi Arabian and Middle Eastern agent for a number of international uniforms, clothing, and equipment manufacturers.

General Military Supplies Branch handles all types of military insignias, parachutes, sun shields, camouflaged netting, gas and poison masks, helmets, bullet-proof shields, security barriers and body armour, maritime boats plus other items too numerous to list individually.

The Branch's services include the provisioning, inspection, and testing of equipment to meet both domestic and special requirements. Inspection and testing of pilots’ flight equipment security metal gates for airports and post offices are available with training courses for personnel in Saudi Arabiaand other Gulf countries.

Because of its long experience in executing major contracts formilitary installations and equipment, Al Dhahry Group'sGeneral Military Supplies Branch is known internationally as amilitary supply and logistics provider of choice.The total contracts executed by this branch exceed200.000.000 $ since it’s established till 2009 .also this branchobtained many certificates of appreciation and quality inperformance of contracts. We attached copy of some picturesand posters of equipments supplied by this branch.