Branches :: Gulf Wagar for Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment

Twenty years of experience made Gulf Wagar for Kitchen &Restaurant Equipment the leader in quality commercial kitchen and restaurant installations. The Branch is sole agent and distributor of a large number of the best European and USmanufacturers

The Branch has earned its excellent reputation because of its team of specially trained and skilled engineers who install, ability makes operate, and maintain all equipment. Stability makes Gulf Wagar for Kitchen and Restaurant Equipmentuniquely capable of executing integrated projects of complex central kitchen installation.The Branch has completed numerous government and private commercial projects.

Designs and drawings, free customer consultations, delivery transportation installation and main delivery transportation are all available. Merchandise can be delivered to any place in the Kingdom.

Known to customers by their motto, "Service after the Sale"The Branch also stocks and services all necessary spare parts when the occasional need occurs.

Our the showroom is 1000 SQM showroom in Riyadh, our warehouse is 2000 SQM and our maintenance and arts workshop is 170 SQM also we have a branch in Jeddah .

Brief of some Commercial agencies in this branch:

  • FAGOR CO.: A famous and well known European company produces of high-quality stainless steel.
  • SOUTHBEND: An American recognised company which is a leader in commercial kitchen equipment industry.
  • BLODGETT : Qualified lamp ovens.
  • CAPLAIN MACHINES: A famous French company to manufacture bakery and pastry machines.
  • YAN MAUNO : An Italian company for cappuccino grinders and coffer makers.
  • BREMA Ice Makers: A leading Italian company of icemakers.
  • EDISA U: One of Fagor companies specialised in food heating and preserving equipment.
  • ALI GROUP BURLODGE: One of the European famous groups for kitchen equipment.
  • FAMA Industries A famous company produces a large collection of food preparation machines.
  • METAL TECNICA: An Italian well-known company for stainless steel base cupboards.
  • BLANCO: UA leading German company for food distributing systems.
  • MASTRO System Catering Equipment: A leading Italian company for kitchen equipment.
  • HOODS: Kitchen exhausts system.

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We have attached some of the pictures and product posters supplied by this branch.