Branches :: The General Contractors Branch

The General Contractors Branch is one of Al Dharhy Group'smost dynamic branches which expands vertically andhorizontally during last years till now and having executed anumber of major developing and infrastructure developing andconstruction contracts in different regions of the kingdom, inU.A.E and in GCC countries in general.It is staffed with a highly trained, qualified, and experiencedengineering cadre which fulfilled many contracts in fields ofoperation, building and establishments. The Ministry of Worksclassifies the Al Dharhy Group's General Contractors Branch asa first-class contractor beside its high grade in classification inother activities.

The Al Dharhy Group - as represented by the GeneralContractors Branch – Establishment department - has a proudhistory of executing highly acclaimed construction projects such as major buildings, facilities, complete compounds, andmilitary barracks.

Among this branch activity we find construction andmaintenance of roads, roads expansion works and maintainingroads and highways in the valleys and the mountains,construction and maintenance of tunnels, major buildingconstruction, excavation and backfill, solar energy andelectromagnetic systems.

This branch is also performing all works of road preparationand construction, pavement installation and repair, itsmaintenances, complete maintenance of tunnel pumps andlights, installation of water & drainage pipes systems, ,electrical, and lighting works, Maintenance of cities, militarybuildings, air bases and establishing and maintenance ofaircraft hangers ,airports, hospitals, ..etc,

The total contracts executed by this branch exceed900.000.000 $ since it’s established till 2009 .Also this branchobtained more than 100 certificates of appreciation and qualityin performance of contracts.

We attached copy of some pictures and posters of the projectsdone by the group through this branch.