Branches :: The Commercial Transactions and Agencies Branch

It provides a wide range of products and services including the installation of security appliances and gates at airports and seaports and providing medical equipment, automobiles, ambulance auxiliaries, and communication equipment to private and governmental entities.

It represents a number of international security equipment agencies and delivers high quality, rapid service under experienced and professional managers. The Branch also handles a variety of activities such as the supply and provisioning of medical equipment, communication instruments and supervising stations for land communication, in addition to ground support equipment for airports, fire alarm systems, safety, fire extinguisher cars, ambulances, etc.

Having executed a number of supply, installation, and training projects, the Commercial Transactions and Agencies Branch is now also engaged in providing an increasing variety of technically sophisticated equipment and machinery types. All works are handled by remarkable technical engineers. The total contracts executed by this branch exceed 200.000.000 $since it’s established till 2009 .also this branch obtained many certificates of appreciation and quality in performance of contracts. All branch activities concentrated in Saudi Arabia and U.A.E regions.