Chairman Message

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al Dhahry, the Group’sProprietor and Chairman of the Board of Directors is aprominent economic and social figure in Saudi Arabia and theGulf region. Having founded the Al Dhahry Group in the1980's, Sheikh Al Dhahry is one of the forward thinkers whoassisted in establishing Saudi Arabia's utilities infrastructureduring that period. Since then, he has served a prominentrole in advancing economic development within the Kingdom.Born in 8/8/1373 (H) or 23/4/1954 (G), Sheikh Dr.Mohammed bin Saleh Al Dhahry descends from the ancientand venerated Harb tribe in the Najd region of the ArabianPeninsula, where his father was one of its tribal chiefs. SheikhAl Dhahry also descends from the Shammr tribe through hismother's lineage. With his superior analytical abilities, astuteeconomic management, excellent reputation, vital presence,and consistently optimistic attitude, Sheikh Al Dhahry is astrong but flexible leader with a powerful vision of the future.He is constantly called to participate actively in economicconferences and forums in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Sheikh Al Dhahry is a member and representative in numerous commercial and economic delegations and business councils including:

  • Chairman of the Saudi-Malaysian Business Council

  • Vice Chairman of the Saudi- Ukrainian Business Council.

  • Executive member in the Saudi-French Business Council.

  • Executive member in The Saudi-American Business Council.

  • The Saudi-Japanese Business Council.

  • The Saudi-Russian Business Council.

  • The Saudi-German Business Council.

  • The Saudi-Egyptian Business Council.

  • The Saudi-Turkish Business Council.

  • The Saudi-Syrian Business Council.

  • The Saudi-Jordanian Business Council.

  • The Gulf Business Council and Forum.

  • A member of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland; in Lebanon; and Jordan

  • The International Association for Business Leaders' designated Chairman's Ambassador in Saudi Arabia.

  • A member of the International Advanced Security Organization and deputized as a member of the Boards of several Saudi and GCC companies.

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al Dhahry also has a deep &active impact in the social and philanthropic fields, includinghis highly effective participation in founding the Patients'Friends Committee in Saudi Arabia in addition to extendinghelp to orphans and the Handicapped Children Society,prisoners’ family society, Holy Quran memorizing society,AWASER and KELANA societies and society of hearing andvision handicapped in addition to other societies. Also hesupports environmental societies engaged in Wildlifeconservation and development.
He also has made significant academic and culturalcontributions including providing constructive consultation ininstitutional administrative development and restructuring.Because of his reputation as business leaders, he hasgraciously provided theoretical and practical expertise to anumber of postgraduate and Ph.D. candidates in theadministrative and economic portions of their dissertations.Sheikh Dr. Al Dhahry holds a master degree in Economics andPolitical Sciences at 1981 then he got the P.H.D, in Economicsand Political Sciences from Maryland university at 2008 andhas published numerous regular articles in Saudi, GCC, andArab newspapers on administrative development, improvingeconomic performance, globalization, the principles of freetrade, development of family companies, and many othertopics. He also published many specialized books that covers all cultural and economical aspects.
His personal business philosophy is summed up in the statement:

“Always be aware that there is nothing better than renewing the hope of success; and in the personal relation between the leader and subordinate, optimism is revived in the heart and gives the power to continue its way. The optimistic, hopeful, resolved, and patient person will always win.”

Sheikh / Mohammed bin Saleh Al Dhahry