Branches :: Catering Operations and Services Branch

The Zahabco Catering services and Operations Branch isdirected and staffed by a highly trained and qualified workingteam consists of a general manager of the branch, his deputy,department managers and many qualified engineers who havelong experiences and most of them carry scientific certificatessuch as masters and P.H.D in different nutrition branches.

This branch obtains many of quality certificates such as HAASPin nutrition fields. Also it operates food services for manyprivate and public hospitals, providing patients and hospitalstaffs with high quality meals and cafeteria services. Byfollowing the highest standards of cleanliness and sterilization,the Zahabco Division team strives to provide their clientelewith good health through good food. For patients with specialneeds, the Zahabco Division team routinely prepares liquid tube feeding as well as customized meals to meet the highestmedical standards.

The Zahabco Catering services and Operations Branchroutinely provides more than 120000 meals a day to hospitals,military projects, and compounds.

One of the special activities of this branch is preparation of banquets for official medical conferences.

The Zahabco Catering services and Operations Branch is oneof the Group’s largest and most important branches. The totalcontracts executed by this branch exceed 1.600.000.000 $since it’s established till 2009 .also this branch obtained morethan 150 certificates of appreciation and quality inperformance of contracts .Also it is one of the biggest cateringcompanies in Saudi Arabia and gulf area and classified as firstcategory in governmental classifications which allows it toenter into mega contracts up to 2 billion U.S Dollars.