About Us

Al Dhahry Group is one of the leading businesses in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Established in 1983 initially as a contracting branch, the Group has expanded its activities now to ten branches & companies : Zahabco Catering Services & Operations Branch; General Contractors Branch; Commercial Operations & Agencies Branch; General Military Supplies Branch; Zahabco Supermarkets, Restaurants, and Commercial Marketing Branch; Gulf Wagar Branch for Kitchen Equipment; Maintenance and Operations Branch; and Al Qaqaa Guarding and Security Services Branch, aviation operation and oil refining in addition to other activities. The Group's success has been recognized by its selection among the Top GCC 100 Companies and Economic Entities according to The GCC’s Economic Report 2000 and it reselected again as one of the top economical 100 companies for 2008 and 2012 year in Saudi Arabia in special reports of Eqtisadia financial newspaper. The Group has introduced the most up-to-date business mechanisms to facilitate even more efficient operations. Paving the way to the Al Dhahry Group's well-deserved reputation has been a very constructive policy of superb quality and transparency in all aspects of the Group's projects.

The Group is also keen to continue developing its cadre and maintains a humanistic approach to the relationship between managers and subordinates based on trust and transparency. The Group employs over 7000 employees, technicians, and managers throughout the ten branches. A large number of the Group's managers actively participate in various economic conferences and most are frequently involved in top-rated intensive training courses in addition to their scientific qualifications for developing performance and experiences beside their continuous participation in specialized economical conferences, workshops and fairs either locally or internationally .

Al Dhahry Group is an example of success in business, economy, and administration. At its founding, the Group introduced the teamwork approach and encouraged administrative flexibility. The Group has developed into a wellregarded and financially strong entity with the capacity to execute even the largest projects. Because of the Group's excellent reputation, it maintains strong business relations and partnerships with reputable banks in the region. Over the years, the Group has received various certificates of appreciation in recognition of its superb, reliable performance and clear financial statement with banks. The Group now represents numerous international commercial agencies and is a member in a number of economic organizations. A clear indication of the Group's success has been the accurate and efficient completion of many contracts and projects valued in excess of $3 billion (US) between the period from 2005 and 2009.

In conclusion, Al Dhahry Group has an exceptional level of technical, administrative, logistical, and financial expertise that qualifies it to carry out various works and projects with a high degree of flexibility. Because of its carefully designed and coordinated management and decision-making systems, Al Dhahry Group can provide you with reliable and concise project operations and quality solutions to meet your specific needs. Also the group has established many new entities through its devotion, transparency and working hard in fulfillment of contracts in many countries such as U.A.E, U.S.A, Jordan, France and Ukraine.