Branches :: Al Qaqaa Guarding and Security Services Branch

"Security is necessity and merit"

The skills of Al Qaqaa Branch for Guarding and SecurityServices are now necessary because of the huge developments witnessed in all walks of life across our Kingdom and the Gulf region. The need for security services has driven by the continuous growth in infrastructure and urban development; economic institutions with the development of huge economic institutions; the growing development in the education, health,tourism, and utility sectors of the community; an increasing population; the introduction of IT, satellite channels, and globalization; the presence of 7 million expatriates of various nationalities; and the high average income. All these factors yield a strange social phenomenon that requires constant awareness and security-related intervention to save lives, role in protecting property and assets, and to prevent all kinds of crimes.Out of necessity, the private sector must play an into role in the process of providing safety and protection services today.

Al Qaqaa Guarding and Security Services Branch is actively engaged in service to Saudi society. We employ a highly trained team of security experts who are equipped with ultra modern capabilities, to provide tactical, technical, all required administrative, operational, and academic all required security operations. Our services include the secure transport of cash and valuables, and guarding services for commercial, government, and private installations, compounds, and facilities to include markets, hospitals, schools, sports cities, etc. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and safety. Our motto is: “Security is necessity and merit.”

Preparation and Training

Al Qaqaa Guarding and Security Services Branch has a staff of engineers, technicians, and officers to train and qualify security personnel in different disciplines including:

  • Effective crowd control

  • Crisis situation control

  • Regulation and rules enforcement

  • Fire control and extinguishing

Security procedures and equipment operation

In addition to direct security operations, the Branch also has a specialised branch for supplying, installing, and maintaining of all kinds of security equipment. The Branch supplies security equipment from European, Japanese, and US manufacturers to various government agencies and the private sector. Recent contracts have included monitoring equipment, security fences, hydraulic equipment for official entrances, explosive detection equipment, narcotics and drug detection equipment,radiation measurement equipment for screening bags and individuals, armored vehicles equipped with the most sophisticated technologies, vehicle detection instruments,communication sets, etc.

The Branch is committed to providing the very best products and employing the latest techniques in security. A section of the Branch is tasked to constantly investigate new trends and technologies through international conferences, trade shows, the Internet, and direct contact with world-class corporations the security field.

Security Vehicles and Money Transport

We cooperate with French, German, and US companies specialised in equipping armoured cars for use by dignitaries, or for the transport of money, gold, and precious items.When needed, your cars will be equipped according to international standards with the very best modern security electronic and communication devices.

Surveillance Cameras and Monitoring Devices

Cameras and monitoring devices are an important means for security personnel to know what is happening inside and around the guarded facility and to allow an effective response to any incident whether small or grave, according to administration's instructions.

Al Qaqaa Guarding and Security Services Branch have a full range of audio-visual monitoring systems available for our valued customers to protect locations such as markets, offices, gates, and fences.

Follow-up and Coordination Office

The Branch's operations are controlled from a central Follow-up and Coordination Office equipped with modern communications equipment and staffed by a highly trained team of security supervisors. This centralised control provides you with the assurance that Al Qaqaa Guarding and SecurityServices Branch personnel have the capability to respond immediately, appropriately, and effectively to any security situation that might arise.